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Meet the Team


Kim Salvaggio (she/her)


Thanks to her father’s love of PBS NewsHour, at a very young age, Kim wanted to be part of the media world.


  Studying Mass Media and Communications with a focus on Labor Industrial Relations at Penn State University, helped guide a 20 year career in media organizations.  Kim has held positions in Human Resources, with a  focus on Diversity, at BBH New York, Public News Service and Rocky Mountain Public Media where she is currently a Co- Chief IDEA Officer.   Kim is an equity trainer, focused on restorative DEI implementation and a certified mediator.


With her wife, Alex Vaughan, they are the creators and host of a popular podcast named, “How to Be Queer” which offers insights and training for inclusion of the LGBTQIA Community. Together they have a very active home life with 4 kids and 2 dogs which is slightly controlled chaos. 

Alex Vaughan Salvaggio (they/them)


Alex has spent decades in the fitness industry as a coach and trainer. From dancing in their room as a kid, to watching their mom do aerobics in a school gym, to getting an opportunity in middle school to meet with a personal trainer all influenced the path they took as a college athlete, drag performer, obtaining an exercise science degree, and pursuing a health and wellness career.


At the age of 40, they discovered they are nonbinary and transgender and began to live their truth, learning their heart to create healing. The challenges they faced in the world and in their workplaces fueled their passion even more to become someone who used their own experience to help facilitate safer spaces for other trans and queer humans.

They are also a certified Life Coach, complementing their background in exercise science. This grounds their philosophy which they root in the holistic process of living well. At the end of the day, they mostly enjoy spending time at home with their wife, Kim, 4 kids, 2 emotionally supportive dogs, cooking, reading, and being a part of the magic where an individual can uproot their "rut" in their TRUTH.


Dr. tara jae (they/them)

Consultant/Coach/Executive Producer


Dr. tara jae (they/them) is the founder and Executive Director of Youth Seen, an organization that concentrates on QTBIPOC mental health and wellness in Colorado.


In this role, they serve as an advocate to decolonize mental health and wellness by providing greater access to resources for our community. In 2021, Dr. jae co-founded and co-created Black Pride Colorado. Beyond their role as executive director, advocate and co-creator, Dr. jae also consults with a wide range of nonprofits and organizations on the work of acknowledging, deconstructing and rebuilding systems from an equitable perspective.


To add to the list of all the creative activities, Dr. jae also serves as an executive coach, curator, a IDEA curriculum developer and as a consultant for public media to provide accurate representation and perspective of our LGBTQ + BIPoC community in storytelling and media.

Andrea Sampson (she/her)

Creative Director/Executive Producer


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