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Meet the Team


Kim Salvaggio (she/her)


Thanks to her father’s love of PBS NewsHour, at a very young age, Kim wanted to be part of the media world.


  Studying Mass Media and Communications with a focus on Labor Industrial Relations at Penn State University, helped guide a 20 year career in media organizations.  Kim has held positions in Human Resources, with a  focus on Diversity, at BBH New York, Public News Service and Rocky Mountain Public Media where she is currently a Co- Chief IDEA Officer.   Kim is an equity trainer, focused on restorative DEI implementation and a certified mediator.


With her wife, Alex Vaughan, they are the creators and host of a popular podcast named, “How to Be Queer” which offers insights and training for inclusion of the LGBTQIA Community. Together they have a very active home life with 4 kids and 2 dogs which is slightly controlled chaos. 

Alex Vaughan (they/them)


 When Alex turned 40, they would not have been able to say they knew that who they are even existed. Seeing how they occupied space, lived wanting to claw their face off every time someone referred to them as the gender they were assigned at birth and feeling shaken as a Kim Kardashian salad, they became very body focused and fascinated at a young age with energetic work and human movement. It was a way they learned how to ground and prove to their self that they were real. There’s no worse feeling than being gaslit out our own human experience and feeling completely invisible. 


Alex uses they/them pronouns as a transgender, nonbinary and queer human, identities that cannot be seen, only authentically known. Alex is a they/them mom, a they them wife,  and perform in drag as Trey Suits.

Alex's fitness and health background led to the specialization for body inclusivity through movement and deepening their holistic approach to coaching, being a witness and supporting those next to and in the LGBTQ community. Being trans/nonbinary is just one of their superpowers.


"Do the best you can with the body and mind that brought you in here, the only way out is all the way in and there’s no mess-ups, just mini solos. Excavate your truth, defy the heteronormative rules to become... to step into the practice of being yourself. " 

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