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"Can we have "Cis Accountability" instead of "Trans Awareness?" -Bre Sérráno

It's the second day of Transgender Awareness Week and I've been seeing a variety of posts about transgender/gender fluid/gender non-conforming/non-binary joy.

The awareness isn't given freely because it has to be accepted to be received. That isn't always easy.

Awareness moves and breathes, acting in co-creation as people share their stories and others treat the information as a gift, an invitation into someone else's world, a bridge to connect.

Joy, as Brene Brown defines it, "an intense feeling of deep spiritual connection, pleasure and appreciation". I do experience joy as I read such words then recycle the energy of the spaces being created for being transgender.

Maybe it's because I am still grieving the perspective that I was robbed of joy because no one talked lovingly about queerness.

Talk about awareness!

I want to know what you've been through. I want to know what you've seen, what you've felt that got you here. I want to know what mountains you've climbed, what you've lost, what you've gained, the horrors of humanity you've witnessed, and the ways you picked yourself up, bent, bruised, broken and made it to the top.

We have to possess the ability to hold the dark while we embody the light. Except we're so conditioned not to hold dark. Dark is's's dangerous.

They equate being trans with being in the dark. Except it's's exactly the opposite. It is one facet of our light.

Dark is opportunity. Dark is creation. Dark is expression. Dark is beautiful. Dark is freedom and creativity.You are the light, the paintbrush, the crayon, the pen, the keyboard, the strings that get played while something beyond, lives.

Joy is vulnerability which so many of us fear to feel.

The core of it being, "If I dare feel joy, what will I do when it all goes away? If they get joy, where's mine? Can I even create it?"

It is my joy to share. It is your joy to accept. It is my joy to accept. It is your joy to share.

I appreciate you spending your energy here today.

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