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What is awareness training?

Belonging just doesn't happen. It is intentional.  

LGBTQ Training

The team at How To Be Queer provides an honest, dynamic, and educational experience to their clients. Led personally by Kim (she/her) and Alex (they/them), your team will be taken through a customized training module to fit your needs, budget and foundation. 


Our comprehensive training modules are three 90 minutes sessions.  

You and your team are provided:

  • interactive content

  • tools and scripts for building skills

  •  "ask us anything" discussions

  • support during, in between, and after sessions.

    • Option to add monthly mental wellness discussion circles for teams as they implement and integrate this work into their daily lives

    • Option to add monthly exercise sessions* and wellness-related activities to holistically complement the content, led by a fitness trainer and life coach


Our training will assist your organization in deepening the sense of psychological belonging within the internal culture we all need to thrive. This translates to deepening the sense of belonging external to an organization at home, school, and all types of relationships.

Contact us to see if we're a fit for your team. We're going to push the door open for you to ask any questions, and we're going to invite you to express what is on your mind so you can process the work we do together.

You may still be asking yourself, ‘Is this training for me?” 

And the answer is:

  • Do you find yourself insisting they/them is plural and not fit for pronoun usage? 

  • Does the word nonbinary leave you with a blank mind?

  • Do you call yourself inclusive by saying you have a gay friend?

  • Are you wondering why pronouns are such a big deal?

  • Did someone tell you that it's "good" to share pronouns, but you don't know why?

  • Are you curious about the differences between gender and sexuality?

  • Do you want to learn some immediate tools to expand your understanding of LGBTQ identities?

  • Do you hear yourself saying, “I was just told to love everyone?!”

This is where How To Be Queer's experience becomes invaluable to your organization.

Topics covered but not limited to include:


  • sexuality

  • gender identity

  • complexity of gender

  • layers to allyship

  • gender and name transitions

  • pronouns

  • support for coming out at work

  • FAQ's

  • What do I say when I mess up?

Ready to learn more? Click below to set up a free consultation.

*Space for movement and sound system options recommended

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