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Our Story

"How To Be Queer" started out as a podcast (available where you listen to podcasts)  one rainy, spring break day in March.  Kim Salvaggio and Alex Vaughan Salvaggio were lounging around and decided, "What the heck...let's start sharing some of our experiences as queer people who came out midlife. Maybe it'll help someone else come out. Maybe it'll just let someone know they're not alone. Maybe it'll help an organization. Maybe it'll help a parent understand what their kid who just came out is going through..."

In collaboration with Out Front Magazine, How To Be Queer began to chronicle their lives as members of the LGBTQIA community living in a heteronormative world. ​Within 6 months of launching the podcast, Kim and Alex were being listened to in 27 different countries around the world which led to opportunities, providing LGTBTQ awareness training to top clients around the world. Their services have been utilized by organizations such as Canada Life, Maxar Technologies, Regis University and KPA.​


Kim and Alex decided to UHaul It (*queer reference) in January of 2020 and got married in November 2021.  Alex, pronouns they/them, is a nonbinary trans-masculine human. Kim, pronouns she/her is a cisgender lesbian woman.​ Approximately 30% of couples stay together through a gender transition. Kim and Alex committed to each other, their 4 children and of course, their trusty animal side kicks bring their unique of blend of humor, crass and some serious understanding of ‘How to Be Queer’ podcast in a world that consistently says, ‘Can you not?”


Alex is currently Co-Chief Everything Officer with Kim at How To Be Queer. They work as a life coach and fitness professional. Kim is the Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer for Rocky Mountain Public Media. Together they are Queer AF and are determined to make this world a bit more colorful.


Reach out for more information!​​

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