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At How To Be Queer, we open your eyes and expand your mind.

Not every is queer, but being queer affects everyone. 

About You.

Maybe you... 

  • Just came out as LGBTQIA

  • Have a child or family member who just came out and you don't "get it"

  • Need support in transitioning at work and/or around family

  • Want to further understand LGBTQIA identity

  • .Feel like you need support but don't know exactly where to start

  • Want to know how to act as an ally

  • Are navigating family court because you have a transgender/queer child and need to understand what you're up against

You want to understand how to interact with queerness because you can feel how it affects your wellness which drives your ability to thrive. You need to be able to identify how transphobia, queerphobia and homophobia has wrecked lives to be able to do something about it. Saying you want to make the world a kinder place means you value people, which means you value ALL people. 

You need an empathetic coach. You need a trainer for your team. You need someone to break down more than just queerness but ways to authentically and help you find the questions you need so you can move forward. You need a compassionate ear, an open heart and a strong back to lean on until you can find more footing. 


You need someone who encourages you to look in the mirror and honestly tell them what you see. And when you don't know, they know how to ask questions.

Your family, your business, your company values its members and believes in acknowledging everyone. Research shows that investing in belonging, diversity, equity, and inclusion conversations benefits your company in productivity, retention and talent.


You want the best for your family, your business and we want the best for you. 

What makes How To Be Queer special?


We're LGBTQIA+ community owned and operated. Your trainers, Alex (they/them) and Kim, (she/her) live in LGBTQ identity; the "experts" you are looking for, the ones who live queer in a heteronormative world.

We make it personal, entertaining and accessible. With our "Ask Us Anything" approach, we support the process of dismantling shame, blame and guilt. We understand you are moving as fast as you can. Shifting mindsets and beliefs that hold you back take intention and time.


It is a mind, body, spirit and energetic overhaul. 

Our mission is to support pathways to building greater empathy and self-awareness thus expand awareness of what being LGBTQ means in our heteronormative world. The trainers will bring humor and energy while leading everyone through the "why" using statistics, data, and real-life experience.  The future is in our humanity and your life depends on it.

At How To Be Queer, we envision a world where all people are acknowledged for exactly who they are. Click below to share with us what is going on for you. Together, we can do this.

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